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Birch Surf Academy

Birch Surf Academy is here to bring the joy and excitement of surfing to everyone.  We focus on water safety, ocean awareness, and surfing fundamentals.  Our mission is to provide each student with a safe, creative, and fun experience.  We recognize that each student will have individual needs and it is our goal to provide students with the proper care and encouragement to succeed.  We offer a variety of lesson plans for any age or skill level.

About Your Instructor

I'm Fletcher Birch, a second generation Eastern Shore surfer who grew up surfing these waters more than 30 years ago with my father.  Surfing has opened up many great doors for me, including lots of international travel, many years of competitive success, and most importantly, all the great friends I've made along the way because of this amazing sport.

Being a father of two awesome kids myself, I know that safety is equally as important as the fun of the sport.  So, if you want the best possible surfing experience, and are ready to have the time of your life, your search for surf instructions ends with Birch Surf Academy!

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Lesson Details

In the first 15 minutes, you will focus on:

  • water entry

  • water safety

  • land instruction to perfect the pop-up and stance before entering the water

The remainder of the lesson will be filled with personalized surf instruction and you will learn:

  • Paddling

  • Standing up

  • Wave timing and placement

  • Wave selection

  • Surfboard and wetsuit education

  • Wave physics

Safety First

All classes include information about safe procedures, whether you are a first timer or an experienced surfer.  You will have the ultimate information and techniques that have been developed from 30 plus years of surf riding experience.


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